The Goods | #thegoods

….than you’re lucky enough.

We’re taking off for Hawaii in the morning and to say I’m excited about a week of sun, surf and downtime would be a total understatement. I’m not always the best traveler and am a total homebody but I’m looking forward to the break from work, our regular routine and cooking every night. Next week’s The Goods will be filled with Aloha, fresh fish and all you can eat pineapple. Until then, here’s what I’m digging this week.

The Goods | #thegoods

Recipe coming at you tomorrow!

Because I can’t get enough citrus and I heart anything in a skillet.

Add THIS to your weeknight dinner menu. And do your best not to lick the screen. Holy gorgeous photos.

And I totally want to drag these through some spicy mustard.

I’m so making a batch of these to put in my freezer and enjoy on those hectic mornings.

This is so my kind of lunch or dinner. I love these flavors and because, brussels!

The Goods | #thegoods

These two.

Oh how I love this and this on finding balance in regards to health and nutrition. 80/20….it’s how I roll!

My new boyfriend.

My go to for book recommendations. Check out her picks for February reads.

Such a fun (and easy) art activity to do with the kids. Read: even my crafty challenged self can do this.

The Goods | #thegoods

My yard as of yesterday. WHERE IS WINTER?

My football coach crush has a new show. #coachtaylor

For my whiskey drinking ladies.

A great guide for vitamin supplements for women.

How many can you check off the list? (I got 17 1/2)

The Goods | #thegoods

This pizza from Cloud Dine at Canyons Resort has to replicated stat. I can’t stop thinking about it.

This is so ridiculously beautiful and amazing and haunting and spiritual and, omg, his ass! and the strength. I jus’t cant. seriously. Take the 4 minutes.

Would you be so daring? I’d be wearing under-roos and a cape for a week.

The Goods | #thegoods

Puppy paws melt me every time.

Because it’s so true and you know it.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone! I’ll be coming at you from sunny Hawaii next week and tomorrow I’ve got a seriously fudgey brownie recipe that is pure perfection. Thanks for reading! xo, Kelley

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11 Responses to The Goods

  1. So SOOOO jealous of your trip!! Have fun and be safe, girl!! And thank you so much for the link 🙂 xoxo

  2. robyn says:

    Luv the puppy pics, keep them coming. And can’t wait to try the brownies!

  3. Well, I guess if there is not snow in Utah anyway you might as well bail for Hawaii. Have some fun, safe travels.

  4. Tell you what sweet friend – I’ll make you 10 batches of those cookies if you give me Nacho. That’s reasonable, right? 🙂

  5. Ahhh have so much fun in Hawaii!!!! So excited to get a taste of the Canyons with you in a couple weeks! xo

  6. Thank you soooo much for linking to my salmon!! Have a wonderful trip. We just got back from Kauai, and it was paradise. Hope you have even more fun. Travel safe!

  7. “Whiskey drinkers skip the games, but never outgrow being playful.” Yep, that’s my goal, thx for the link that explains who I want to be! Bring on the High West! Hope we can share a clink soon. Aloha!

  8. thank you so much for sharing!

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