Hummus and Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos make for easy, no cook meal. Ideal for those hot nights when you don’t feel like turning the stove or oven on and a great way to up your veggies. Now pass the margaritas!

Hummus and Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos |

Truth: Bill Cosby was right: kids say the darndest things.
Truth: my 4-year old has a potty mouth and a knack of calling things like he sees it.
Truth: being a mom is hard.
Truth: It’s all worth it.

Hummus and Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos |

That moment when you’re at the park and you’re (mostly) sweet little boy starts fighting with another little boy on the playground and proceeds to call him a mother f’er. Literally, my kid called another boy a mother f’er. He didn’t use the full monty but instead called a 3 year old an f’er. I didn’t know whether to be mortified or proud that he didn’t used the full word.

Hummus and Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos |

And that moment when you’re visiting your great grandmother at the assisted living facility and you pass an extremely obese woman in a wheel chair in the lobby and your (mostly) sweet little boy loudly declares that is a really large human. You can’t get your hand on his mouth fast enough and he says it again. “No really, mom, that is a REALLY LARGE HUMAN.” You’re kind of right, little man… but can we talk about it in the car?

Hummus and Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos |

But then there’s that moment when that (mostly) sweet little boy puts both of his hands on your face and declares you the prettiest girl in the world and the best mama on the planet and everything else is forgotten.


Hummus and Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos

A no-cook, vegetarian taco recipe perfect for summer!



  1. Heat corn tortillas in a pan over medium heat.
  2. Spread with your favorite hummus.
  3. Top with chopped salad.
  4. Devour.
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6 Responses to Hummus and Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos

  1. I am dying. I know Wes is almost there too and I have not a clue how to handle those particular situations…except for the last one. Just milk it and snuggle and soak it up momma 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    This is classic; being the father of 3 boys, I’ve heard my share of fantastic words/phrases at the most amazing times. I look back those times and just smile from ear-to-ear; those times are priceless!

  3. Kait says:

    Making these for dinner tonight! They look so amazing!

  4. This is the perfect quick lunch recipe!!

  5. Becky says:

    Loving chopped salads these days. I’ll make it a wrap next time!

  6. Becky says:

    And this post… amazing.
    Made me laugh out loud. So thanks!

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