Festive Apricot Jalapeño Jelly is the perfect jelly for novice canners and it makes a great holiday gift for neighbors, friends and teachers!

Apricot Pepper Jelly | mountainmamacooks.com

My mom’s Molasses Cookies and this Apricot Jalapeño Jelly are the holidays for me. Both mark the holiday season and both make an appearance at just about every family gathering this time of year.

Apricot Pepper Jelly | mountainmamacooks.com

Aside from the gorgeous amber color and festive red and green flecks of pepper, this jelly is good on anything you slather it on. We mostly enjoy it poured over a brick of cream cheese and served with Ritz Crackers (SO DANG GOOD) but it also shines on a toasty grilled cheese and as a spread to go with a holiday ham.

Apricot Pepper Jelly | mountainmamacooks.com

The ingredients in the jam can be sourced year round making it a perfect choice if you want a homemade gift to hand out and it’s a great (read: easy) recipe to try if you’re new to canning. Tied with a bit of twine, who wouldn’t be excited to get this as a gift?

Apricot Pepper Jelly | mountainmamacooks.com

The recipe for Apricot Jalapeño Jelly can be found HERE over on the Imperial Sugar website. I was compensated for this recipe but like always, all thoughts and opinions are mine. I’m thrilled to share my recipe with Imperial and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as my family does!

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8 Responses to Apricot Jalapeño Jelly

  1. Oh thats quite an interesting combination of flavors. I do like apricot quite a bit though 🙂 I bet this is great!

  2. Frankie says:

    This sounds like a perfect gift-giving recipe — I can’t wait to make a batch! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  3. Love this!! Perfect gifts and parties!!

  4. Maria says:

    Great holiday gift!

  5. What a nice change from the traditional pepper jelly!

  6. Elvira Carpino says:

    My favorite thing this year is participating in my cousin John’s family by attending their daughter’s school functions, her horseback riding and her intelligence and readiness to learn things this “younger” generation has no use for like making jam, dressing and going out to dinner( being able to accommodate herself to proper etiquette). She has brought back a lot in my life,

  7. dawn erlendson says:

    Guess I am dumb …..trying to get fresh apricot jalapeno jelly and the comments and pictures are great but where are the ingredients posted. I sighn ed up for email ….what do I do to find them. Thank you

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