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Harry & David is synonymous with gift giving. I loved this time of year growing up as it seemed my Dad would come home from work each day with a different gift basket filled with nuts, chocolate and if we were lucky, the infamous Riviera Pears that Harry & David are so well known for.

Crater Lake Gift Basket from Harry & David, www.mountainmamacooks.com

My dad is long retired but my love affair with Harry & David isn’t. We are lucky to have a Harry & David outlet store just a few miles away and my sons and I love to visit on the weekends sampling the treats that they freely give out whenever you visit. They are both big fans of the Moose Munch and I’m a fan of the hot coffee and truffles!

Harry & David Riveria Pears, www.mountainmamacooks.com

Harry & David is obvious when it comes to giving a gift but I think they are also a great choice when it comes to entertaining. This time of year we seem to have a lot of impromptu house guests or the odd friend that is in town for a ski trip and wants to stop by apres to say hi and visit for a bit. It’s rare that you’ll catch me not having a little something to put on a platter for those unexpected guests. But sometimes I just want easy. Read: already made. That’s where Harry & David become a great help. Spreads, salsas, crackers, cheese, nuts, sweet treats, you name it. With so many pantry items to choose from, you can stock up and be able to pull a platter together in minutes.

I’m very excited to share this giveaway with you today! It’s for one Crater Lake Gift Basket Classic. The basket includes six Riviera Pears, Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Three Seed Crackers, Classic Pepper and Onion Relish (my favorite), Milk Chocolate Moose Munch, Assorted Truffles, Chocolate Cherries and a few Milk Chocolate Mini Mints. It’s a little bit of everything and perfect for not only gift giving but great to pull from to share with the unexpected guest!

Harry & David appetizer platter, www.mountainmamacooks.com

Giveaway details:
One (1) winner will receive one (1) Harry and David Crater Lake Gift Basket to either keep for themselves or send as a gift. All you have to do enter is a leave a comment below on your favorite food gift that you give or receive during the holidays.

You can receive extra entries with the following:

Just make sure to leave a separate comment telling me you did so!

Giveaway ends Thursday, December 13th at 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time. The winner will be announced on Friday the 14th.

Open to US residents only.

If you’re interested in ordering Harry & David products, check out their website for amazing coupons and promotions.

Disclosure: This giveaway is provided by Harry and David. I was provided a Tower of Treats as photographed for review and to be able to photograph for this giveaway. However, as always, all opinions are my own.

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92 Responses to Harry & David Crater Lake Gift Basket Giveaway

  1. Tracey S says:

    When I was growing up, I always looked forward to oyster stew on Christmas Eve. Now, I look forward to the cookies my sister-in-law brings.

  2. carmen says:

    Following!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Dalene Berger says:

    Recieved a basket as a gift and it was awesome, the fruit was delicious! Living in Wyoming it is hard to get get fruit this time of the year! , liked on facebook!

  4. MaryB says:

    I like to get homemade items like vanilla or a yummy bread.

  5. MaryB says:

    I like Mountain Mama Cooks on Facebook.

  6. MaryB says:

    I follow Mountain Mama Cooks on Pinterest. (jodoobers)

  7. jody walunas says:

    I follow your blog and also your pinterest. Love all the things you share. I love Harry and Davids!

  8. Marissa K. says:

    I love giving and getting treats from neighbors. They are always so yummy, and it gives me an excuse to bake more!

  9. Kristi P says:

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  10. Kristi P says:

    My favorite food for the holidays are cookies and I love to give away cookies!

  11. Kristi P says:

    I like you on FB!

  12. Colleen says:

    Homemade gift baskets are the best because you really get to personalize them.

  13. Meryl says:

    I like giving homemade chocolate truffles.

  14. Louis says:

    Cookies and chocolates.

  15. I’ve never had a food gift during the holidays, but I can imagine that this gift basket would be a fave regardless!

  16. I love cheese! Whenever my mother goes anywhere she will always make it a point to find me a new and interesting cheese to try, especially during the Holidays.

  17. Holly says:

    My favorite food gift to receive is fruit, especially from Harry and David. Every year I get at least one box of pears.

  18. D Schmidt says:

    My favorite food gift to give and receive is anything chocolate but especially rum truffles

  19. D Schmidt says:

    Pinterest follower as mummytotwoboys1

  20. Heather says:

    I like giving quick breads as gifts! They’re so adorable when you wrap them up and tuck a sprig of pine in there. ๐Ÿ™‚ my favorite is cranberry orange bread! yum!

  21. kellie says:

    Hmm, my favorite food gift during the holidays would probably be the box of oranges my husbands uncle sends from Florida every year.

  22. kellie says:

    I ‘liked’ you on facebook!

  23. kellie says:

    Following you on Pinterest!

  24. I’ll give or take or eat anything! Duuuudes, yes.

  25. Bev says:

    Cookies are my favorite gift to give at Christmas. To neighbors and my family!

  26. Bev says:

    I liked your FB page and am following you on Pinterest now!

  27. Victoria S. says:

    I love to make cinnamon sugar almonds in my crockpot and give them for gifts!

  28. Victoria S. says:

    I follow you on Pinterest

  29. Victoria S. says:

    I like you on Facebook

  30. Sherry D. says:

    I follow Mountain Mama Cooks on Pinterest!

  31. Sherry D. says:

    I like Mountain Mama Cooks on Facebook!

  32. Kelly D says:

    I like to send chocolate covered & candied pecans during the holidays.

  33. Kelly D says:

    I Follow Mountain Mama Cooks on Pinterest(Kelly Saver)

  34. Kelly D says:

    I Follow Mountain Mama Cooks on Twitter(Kellydpa)

  35. jen gersch says:

    my fave is chocolate chip cookies

  36. jen gersch says:

    Like Mountain Mama Cooks on Facebook

  37. Christine says:

    I like to give home baked goods, candles and gourmet food bakets.

  38. Christine says:

    Following on Pinterest

    Chris Sutor

  39. Christine says:

    Following on FB

    Chris Sutor

  40. Tracy says:

    I love to give homemade cashew brittle. Love to get Enstrom’s toffee that a relative sends every year.

  41. Diane O says:

    I look forward to the cookie exchanges with my neighbors. We try to leave them on each others doorsteps without being seen. I can’t remember who started it or why, but it’s been going on the entire 25 years I’ve lived here.

  42. Diane O says:

    I follow on Pinterest @luna_fae

  43. Diane O says:

    I liked Mountain Mama Cooks on fb

  44. destiny says:

    My grandmas home made Italian bow tie cookies, she is long gone but I make the recipe every Christmas

  45. destiny says:

    following on pinterest

  46. destiny says:

    following on facebook

  47. Joanne Gregory says:

    I love to make a cherry pound cake as a gift for my relatives.

  48. Kelly Guerin says:

    My favorite food gift would be jams, chocolates or artisan confections.

  49. Holly says:

    I’m a sucker for chocolate covered cherries. This year I learned how to can, so I’m giving some people baskets of homemade strawberry jam, applesauce, salsa, and pickled beets (which are well-loved in my family. That might sound weird to others!)

  50. Holly says:

    Followed on Pinterest!

  51. Holly says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  52. Holly says:

    Following on Twitter!

  53. Kristin says:

    I love giving homemade candy to friends and family!

  54. Kristin says:

    I’m following your boards on Pinterest!

  55. Kristin says:

    I like your page on Facebook!

  56. Kristin says:

    I’m following you on Twitter!

  57. Jill says:

    I love giving homemade cookies to my sons’ preschool teachers and the girls at our gym daycare center. This year I’m sticking with the tried & true Mexican wedding cake cookies.

  58. Jill says:

    I follow you on pinterest.

  59. Jill says:

    I like you on facebook too!

  60. Jen says:

    I love Harry and David. I give my homemade fudge out every year to rave reviews…easy, too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. Christine says:

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  62. Christine says:

    I follow you on twitter!

  63. Esther T. says:

    My daughter and I have a holiday baking extravaganza each year. The one thing that people beg for is my homemade toffee. It’s time consuming, but well worth the effort to know that it makes so many people happy. Merry Christmas!

  64. Esther T. says:

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  65. Heather says:

    My mom in WI always bakes an extra kringle for my husband and I to take home to NC. Usually it makes it all the way back…

  66. Heather says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  67. Heather says:

    Following a board on Pinterest.

  68. Marsha Beshirs says:

    I never loose sight of how Blessed we are to have such a strong bond in Oklahoma! We survived the bombing, which I lost friends and each year we give thanks during the Holidays for the gifts of life we are given.
    My family has purchase “Harry and David” gift baskets for years and my favorite is the “Fruit of the Month Club”. We order this for my Mother-in-law last year and we laughed each month when the phone rang and she said (age 89)”Now when do I get my next order and what will be shipped”. She looked on her porch almost every day for a box. We all love the pears and the sweet grapefruit. Harry and David will always be a winner in our eyes.

  69. I follow all of your boards on Pinterest

  70. I follow you on Twitter too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Heather says:

    My favorite gift is homemade fudge and my mother’s Christmas cookies. I love Harry and David thanks for the giveaway.

  72. Heather G. says:

    My Great-Grandmother/Grandfather’s cookies!!!!! They came from Germany and Denmark.

  73. Heather G. says:

    Oh, I already follow you on Pinterest but I “liked” you on FB! Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. ashley says:

    I love to give cake pops!

  75. Linda Conrath says:

    I make hot stuffed olives marinated in tomato juice, spices and hot pepper flakes. They are adored by many.

  76. Linda Conrath says:

    Also liked on FB under lindancer48@yahoo.com

  77. rondah says:

    I like to give cookies for gifts

  78. rondah says:

    Follow Mountain Mama Cooks on Pinterest

  79. rondah says:

    Like Mountain Mama Cooks on Facebook

  80. rondah says:

    follow on twitter

  81. Yoonis says:

    Holy Cow Kel you’ve got some serious followers built up. So glad for you!! My favourite thing to give for Christmas is Christmas Bark with dark mont chocolate and white chocolate with crushed candy canes on top. Looks so festive!

  82. christin van dine says:

    Last year our neighbors gave us sourdough started that they have had for years, it was awesome, I made so many loaves of bread and pancakes. Such a cool unique gift!

  83. I love to give my homemade Apple Butter and see the smiles on everyones face, even SANTA CLAUS!

  84. Jess says:

    Harry & David have a really good raspberry jalapeno relish that a friend poured over cream cheese as a cracker dip. It was amazing! Great idea for last minute entertaining.

  85. Ttrockwood says:

    My favorite to give is my semi famous coconut quinoa granola in a mason jar- and i love all food gifts! Especially home made cookies and fruit!

  86. Mandy Blank says:

    I always get my mother-in-law sugar free coconut clusters, since she is diabetic. She loves them!

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