As in it’s the easiest garlic bread ever.


It only has three ingredients: soft french bread, butter, garlic salt.

It is important to note however that this works best with soft french bread. You know, the kind you find in every bakery in every grocery store across America.

It’s the garlic bread I grew up on and it wasn’t well into my teens that I realized garlic bread could be more than just gooey buttered french bread heavy on the garlic salt. Which for the record is so NOT a bad thing. In fact, it’s still my favorite way to eat it. It could be nostalgia but I’m sure it has to do with the copious amount of butter involved. Just saying.

And as much as I’d love to take credit for this bread, it’s all my mom. The real mountain mama. Or at least my mountain mama. A loaf (or two) of this bread graced our table so many times over the years usually accompanying bowls of homemade spaghetti, her delicious beef stew or my personal favorite, baked parmesan chicken.


I follow this recipe often when I’m cooking for clients. It’s the perfect make ahead recipe for garlic bread which is super handy when I’m dropping off lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs for a family. Instead of my clients having to make their own bread, I can give them a loaf wrapped in foil that they can easily throw in the oven to heat through just before they sit down for dinner.

Easy peasy as my friend Nina would say.


Buttering each slice of the bread and then wrapping it in foil ensures the bread is buttery, gooey goodness. This bread doesn’t work with garlic powder and it’s not as good if you use garlic powder and salt. The best result comes from using garlic salt. Why? Because I said so. Ok, not really, but I swear it tastes better when you use the already prepared garlic salt. It’s the perfect ratio.


So there you have it. My recipe for the easiest garlic bread ever. Even little people love it. How can you deny the cuteness of my little blondie chowing through his 3rd or 4th slice. He’s a boy after his mama’s heart. I love to eat this cold the next morning if we have any leftovers. I know it sounds weird but I love it. What can I say? I used to eat sticks of butter as a kid and pour garlic powder into my mouth. Please don’t judge me on that last one.

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13 Responses to Easiest Garlic Bread Recipe

  1. Bev Weidner says:

    Entire sticks of butter?! Garlic powder straight up into your mouth?

    This is why I love you.

  2. LIz Wall says:

    omg Kel….were u at class this AM…this takes major step/bar/and her yellin at us…(even though she says she’s not mad!!!!!)) to work off…but soooo good!!!!!

  3. marla says:

    It is amazing how truly simple it is to make garlic bread. Your little guy is precious with his nibbles. I use that Simply Organic Garlic Salt on everything – just ran out of it & need more 🙂

  4. Deborah says:

    This is exactly how we had it growing up. Now I’m craving a big plate of spaghetti and some garlic bread!

  5. Toni says:

    Lovely post! This is my first time hopping over to your blog, and I’m lovin’ it! I loooove garlic bread with obscene amounts of butter! I go the not-so-simple way of roasting garlic, mashing and adding it to the butter, but I also add a dash of very finely chopped fresh parsley! It’s absolute buttery-garlicky bliss! :=P BTW – I absolutely love the pic of your little sweetheart munching on the bread! Adorable!

  6. beti says:

    haha it really is the easiest! and also my favorite, bread is the best thing ever

  7. This looks delicious, and what a sweet picture of your son!

  8. Nonniecakes says:

    That is just the way I like it. With bar-b-qued pork chops .

  9. Trisha says:

    I too love eating cold garlic bread for breakfast in the morning…. mmmm just the thought is making my mouth water.

  10. Angela says:

    oh yeah. this is how my Iowa Farm Mama made it too….far from Italy, but the only garlic bread I want!!! Thanks for sharing this. I needed to write down the baking directions for someone and I wasn’t sure….as I usually just stick in the oven before everything else is finished, and pull it out when I can’t wait any longer. Your statement regarding temp is correct, and much better for those who might need an actual time and temp!

  11. JayJ says:

    I added a sprinkle of Peprika to mine to give it a bit more flavor and color. Thanks, btw, this is great!!

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