This might be my favorite sandwich of all time.

It’s definitely my favorite sandwich of the summer.

And to celebrate the fact that we’re finally getting some beautiful tomatoes in my parts, I’ve been eating this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My dad grew up on tomato, mayonnaise and wonder bread sandwiches.

And he passed on his love of the tomato sandwich to me.


His version is great, no question.

This is just a little updated. A little more modern if you will.

You don’t even need a recipe…….

Simply toast some bread, slather with mayonnaise (or vegannaise- I know my dad is cringing right now), top with a handful of arugula and sliced tomato and finish with a sprinkle with salt.


Yep, that’s it.

Simple, simple, simple.

But, the best thing you will eat all summer………….

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7 Responses to My Favorite Tomato Sandwich

  1. Annalise says:

    This is one of my favorites too! I got it from my Mom and some people look at me like I’m crazy when it’s all I have for lunch, but they are clearly the crazy ones, because it’s the best lunch ever. My tomatoes are just starting to ripen, can’t wait to turn them into tomato sandwiches!

  2. Bev Weidner says:

    I could not agree more. 100%, the best sandwich of ALL time. Especially now. IN MY FACE.

  3. I was just talking with a friend this weekend about a children’s book she read growing up where the main character ate Tomato Mayo Sandwiches which made her love them! Such a cute story! I’ll have to try it.

  4. I’m all over this! Miss you my friend 🙂

  5. lindsay says:

    I’m obsessed with tomato sandwiches. Sometimes I swap out the Vegenaise for hummus, or sometimes homemade pesto. But the bread HAS to be toasted and the tomatoes have to be fully ripe and room temperature. (No leftover cold tomato slices for me) haha maybe I’m too particular but I don’t care!! 🙂 The arugula sounds like a perfect addition. Love this!

  6. lindsay says:

    by the way I have a cutting board JUST like that which I picked up in Costa Rica. Wonder if yours is too? hehe

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