Better late then never…………right?

Rhubarb season is winding down and I’ve yet to share a single rhubarb recipe. Sometimes I’m a little slow to the punch, you know? Not shy to come to the party late, here’s my contribution before all the rhubarb is gone.

A few weeks back, I got a beautiful bundle of rhubarb in my CSA basket. It wasn’t enough to make a full pie or crisp so I immediately thought of chopping it up and putting it into a quick bread. After a few more minutes, that thought turned into making muffins. I decided to forgo the traditional pairing of strawberries, mostly because I didn’t have any, and decided instead, to throw in some semi sweet chocolate chips.

I mean, really, how could chocolate not be a great addition? It is chocolate after all.


As my dear friend Nina would say, yum scrum.

These muffins were soooooo good.

The chocolate and the rhubarb paired up better than I thought they would and I used a coarse sugar mixed with cinnamon as a topping that provided a nice crunch and a little extra sweetness.


These muffins didn’t stand a chance in my house. I had a difficult time going into the kitchen and not reaching for one. Which was a bit of a problema since I seem to pass through my kitchen 87 times a day.

Whatever. That’s why I work out.

So if you’ve got a little rhubarb lingering in your garden, this quick muffin recipe is definitely a keeper.

They might make your pants tight but definitely won’t disappoint in the tasty department.

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12 Responses to Rhubarb-Chocolate Chip Muffins

  1. I would never think of adding chocolate chips to rhubarb muffins, but you are so right – chocolate is chocolate! What’s not to love??
    These look terrific.

  2. Annalise says:

    My rhubarb plants are still going strong and I was just thinking yesterday about what I could do with them. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Aggie says:

    I always feel like I’m behind the season, lol. Ya know, I’m so not familiar with rhubarb. I bought some once and made a crisp with it and it was good, but that was years ago. I never buy it b/c it just doesn’t ever look fresh in my grocery store. I have to look into it more. These muffins look awesome.

  4. The muffins looks fabulous. I know they wouldn’t last long at my house either.

  5. Shannon says:

    I have some frozen rhubarb and now I know what I am going to do with it!!! Chocolate and rhubarb = genius! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Kris says:

    I am going to try today, but I am going to try white chocolate!

  7. Tom Hilgen says:

    Great recipe but even better after using a Ghiradelli White Chocolate Baking bar, broken in to pieces. A white or brown chocolate baking bar is a better quality than chocolate chips since additional oil is required to retain the shape of a chip. The white chocolate doesnt take away from the flavor of the rhubarb as much as brown chocolate.I am also going to trying increasing the amount of rhubarb next time.

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