Fresh strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries are the star ingredients in this quick to make fruit crisp recipe.


In my attempt (3 actually) to make a cobbler a few weeks back, I’ve decided I don’t really like cobbler. I like crisp.

I know, I know you’re thinking they’re kind of the same thing, right?

Well, they’re not.

Both variations of the pie, the main difference between these baked fruit desserts is the topping. Cobbler is topped with a biscuit or scone like dough and crisp is topped with a crunchy topping made of oats, butter, brown sugar, and nuts.

Whenever I have a cobbler, I always feel a little disappointed. It’s like the biscuit topping is too heavy for the fruit or something.

And I’ll admit that maybe its me. It’s possible that I just haven’t found the right recipe but until that day comes, butter, brown sugar, and oats are going to win every time.


I like to use fresh berries. They’re in season right now (yeah!!) and available for a decent price at my local grocery store. Feel free to substitute frozen berries, though, if money is an issue or it’s the middle of February and frozen is all you have available. I’ve done it plenty of times!

This crisp is pretty great on its own but topped with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream makes this dessert pretty close to perfection in my book.

I got to thinking and felt the need to share but for whatever reason I like to eat the crisp topped with whipped cream in the summer and vanilla ice cream during the fall and winter. Seems backwards but its the way I do things.

And come to think of it, when I eat the leftovers for breakfast the next morning (don’t judge), I eat it sans the whipped cream or ice cream.



I suppose it doesn’t matter how you eat it.

The bottom line is this crisp rocks.

And is way better than cobbler.

The end.

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16 Responses to Triple Berry Crisp

  1. My daughter and I make crisps all the time. Yours sounds and looks delish! Printing out your recipe now!

  2. Annalise says:

    I think I prefer crisps over cobbler also. Cobblers are awesome, and I’d never turn down the chance to gobble one up, but I really like the texture of the crunchy crisp topping with the soft fruit and juices. You’ve got me craving some crisp now!

    Lovely photos, by the way!

  3. I laughed when I read this because I am just like you – always disappointed by cobblers. Crisps are AMAZING. Cobblers – no matter how good a recipe and cook – are always slightly less delicious than I had hoped for.
    I make crisp almost every weekend and the pie plate gets LICKED clean. Will have to try this soon. Very soon.

  4. Oh, I’m all about dessert for breakfast! Just had a fruit tart yesterday and every Thanksgiving I indulge in a slice of pie for breakfast. With a strong cup of black coffee along with it, you can’t go wrong!

  5. Shannon says:

    This looks absolutely delicious and perfect for Summer. Thank you for sharing!

  6. kristin says:

    Yum! Im trying this one tonight, and I cannot wait! I also shared it on my farmers market website, since no one can say no to fresh berries from a market! Thanks for your amazing ideas!!!!!!

  7. Leslie says:

    Have you tried PW’s cobbler recipe from her cookbook? It is AWESOME…I totally loved it and have tried it with various berries. Your cobbler looks divine though, MUST. MAKE. SOON.

  8. Julia says:

    What temperature do you recommend baking this at? Thanks!

  9. Kim says:

    Did a google search for berry crisp and found your lovely blog! I don’t have whole wheat pastry flour. How much all-purpose would you recommend I substitute instead? Thank you!

  10. Diana says:

    Hi Kelley,
    Thx for sharing this yummy looking crisp. I have more raspberries than blackberries, so I assume it’s fine to mis up the berries?
    Also, do you ever add nutmeg? Or is that not a good idea?

    • Kelley says:

      Use whatever berries you have on hand! Of course it’s ok to mix things up. I don’t use nutmeg but I think it would be great if you added a little.

  11. ashley says:

    I make something referred to as “berry John” I suppose it’s a cobble, but its really delicious!

    1C. Flour
    1 tsp Baking Powder
    1/2 C Sugar
    1/4 tsp Salt
    2 T. of soft butter
    Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl. Lay fruit of any kind 1-2 in. Deep in baking dish. Sprinkle with 1/2-1 C. of sugar. Pour dough over the top and sprinkle w/ sugar. Bake 40 Min @ 350 degrees.

    Trust me, this is not normal cobbler! It’s wonderful!!

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