I’m still here ……..barely. The Sundance Film Festival that takes place in Park City every year is just wrapping up. I had the AWESOME opportunity to cook for Levi’s. After making 17 gallons of soup, baking 600 cookies, serving over 200 sandwiches, and working like a mad woman for a week straight, I’m tired. I need to take a break from cooking so I can get some laundry done, hang out with my boys and try to get some sleep.

Check back next week for lots of new recipes!!

Be well,


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3 Responses to I’m Still Here…….

  1. Jess says:

    I’m already convincing Husfriend to work “Help Kelley Rule Sundance” into the 2012 budget.

    And then we’ll definitely lounge around in our jammy-jams and order take-out and watch chick flicks for two straight days before I go back home.

    Doesn’t this sound all sorts of dreamy?!

    Plus? I slap spread on samitches like NO ONE’S business. 😉

  2. I’m so jealous that you get to help cater for Sundance! Getting chummy with famous people is one of my personal lifelong goals, so nice work. PS. I also love to cook, so your blog rocks my world.

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