I’d like to tell you it’s because I’ve been so busy catering (my real job) that I haven’t had time to do much else. While true, it’s not the reason. The truth is, it’s snowed over three feet in the last 72 hours. Yes, that’s right. 40 inches in three days.
And, it’s still coming down……….


And when it snows that much, I drop just about everything and head to the mountain. It’s part of living in a ski town. Deadlines aren’t met, employees show up late for work and kids miss school. The funny thing is, people expect it and it’s just kind of accepted as “normal” around here. So while trying to ride in the mornings, hang out with my little guys, and cook for clients that are in town, the blog took a back seat for a few days.


I’d like to tell you it won’t happen again but I’d just be lying and I don’t want us to start out our friendship like that. In all fairness, I suppose I should amend #7 on my about me page to include there are no blogs either. Rest assured, though, plenty of recipes are headed your way! In the meantime, if it continues to snow, feel free to meet me at The Canyons Resort. In between runs, I’d be happy to chat butter, bacon and all things foodie with you.

Happy riding!

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6 Responses to Out of the Kitchen

  1. Nisha says:

    We got a ton of snow in Eagle Mountain over the last couple days too. We’ve been busy building igloos and shoveling driveways.

    Here’s my confession – I’m deathly afraid of skiing! When my husband and I were engaged, he took me and my friend skiing. He just assumed I’d get it (even though I couldn’t get from the parking lot to the lift) and up we went. I got off the lift without falling, but once we started going down, I saw the first turn and got deathly afraid of flying off the mountain and dying! Now, my best friend is an awesome snow boarder, so I’m tempted to give the mountains another shot. I’m sure it’s a TON of fun once you get it!

  2. Jess says:

    This makes me smile. I’d drop everything in a heart beat to take to a mountain with fresh (and falling) powder. 🙂

  3. Awesome pictures and love keeping up with you!

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